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Training update for Ironman IMWA Busselton 6 Weeks to go

It was a tough week to squeeze in training with a trip to HK over the weekend for my son’s 100th day celebration and also my father’s Bauhina Star award. However after moving around some of the sessions I managed to stay on target.

One of the highlights was my first 4 hour training ride – on a turbo trainer! 2 movies and South Park at the end really helped get me through that. I’ve also become somewhat addicted to the Ironman Race videos – they are really inspiring – especially when you hear the stories of the people who have overcome enormous physical challenges – Cancer, amputees for example and are still attempting this race.

6 Weeks to go and next week is a recovery week before my final build cycle to the event.

7 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
21-Oct Mon
22-Oct Tue 75 30 Yes
23-Oct Wed 60 60 Yes
24-Oct Thu 240 4HR Turbo Ride Yes
25-Oct Fri Yes
26-Oct Sat 70 Tempo Run 12 KM Yes
27-Oct Sun 210 30KM Run Yes
Totals 60 315 370  12.42

Training update Week 8 for Ironman Busselton IMWA

This was my first full week back into training after my injury and the first week of my adapted training sub 13 in 13 plan. In general i’m liking the style of the plan which is minimal and well suited for first time age groupers who are juggling family and work to complete their first Ironman.

The highlight of the week was my Saturday long training which I changed into a full brick. I was with my usual training buddies Doli and Adrian however I couldn’t quite keep up with them on the bike – could be the actual effect of riding a road bike vs. my tri bike as I seemed to be averaging about 15% lower speeds compared to riding Z3D.

However the 100/10/1 cycle/ run/ swim combo on the saturday was a great confidence booster so things are looking like they are on track!

8 Weeks Swim Bike Run Complete?  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
14-Oct Mon
15-Oct Tue 60 Yes
16-Oct Wed 75 Yes
17-Oct Thu 45 Yes
18-Oct Fri 60 No
19-Oct Sat 30 210 70 Yes
20-Oct Sun 150 Yes
Totals 150 285 265  11.67

Last 8 Weeks Training Plan – adapted from Gale’s sub 13IM in 13

I’m now in my most important 8 week training to build up to my race distance. Searching online I found a famous 13 hr Ironman in under 13 hours training per week and plan to use this to guide my remaining training.

After a week off from my injury I jumped right back in last weekend with 2.5Hr turbo trainer ride on Saturday followed by a 2 hour 40 minute run on Sunday. Probably not the most sensible way to get back into training and ended up with a painful right hip and a sore left knee afterwards. This could be a result of my banged up knee from the crash the prior week.

Decided therefore to stick to the plan and fully rest on Monday and get back into the plan for the remaining time I have up to the race. The unadapted plan is below:

13 Weeks to a 13-Hour Ironman

8 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
14-Oct Mon
15-Oct Tue 60
16-Oct Wed 75
17-Oct Thu 60 45
18-Oct Fri
19-Oct Sat 75 210
20-Oct Sun 150
Totals 195 285 195  11.25
7 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
21-Oct Mon
22-Oct Tue 60 15
23-Oct Wed 75
24-Oct Thu 60 60
25-Oct Fri
26-Oct Sat 75 240
27-Oct Sun 165
Totals 195 315 240  12.50
6 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
28-Oct Mon
29-Oct Tue 60
30-Oct Wed 60
31-Oct Thu 60
1-Nov Fri 60
2-Nov Sat 90 45
3-Nov Sun
Totals 120 150 105  6.25
5 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
4-Nov Mon
5-Nov Tue 60 30
6-Nov Wed 15
7-Nov Thu 30 30
8-Nov Fri
9-Nov Sat 60 240
10-Nov Sun 135
Totals 120 300 180  10.00
4 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
11-Nov Mon
12-Nov Tue 60
13-Nov Wed 60
14-Nov Thu 60 30
15-Nov Fri
16-Nov Sat 90 270
17-Nov Sun 150
Totals 210 330 180  12.00
3 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
18-Nov Mon
19-Nov Tue 60 30
20-Nov Wed 60
21-Nov Thu 30 45
22-Nov Fri
23-Nov Sat 90 300
24-Nov Sun 180
Totals 180 360 255  13.25
2 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
25-Nov Mon
26-Nov Tue 60
27-Nov Wed 60
28-Nov Thu 60
29-Nov Fri 60
30-Nov Sat 60 30
1-Dec Sun 45
Totals 120 165 90  6.25
1 Weeks  Totals
Date Day Time Time Time
2-Dec Mon
3-Dec Tue 30
4-Dec Wed 45
5-Dec Thu 30
6-Dec Fri
7-Dec Sat 20 10
Totals 30 65 40  2.25

Training for Ironman Busselton Week 7 9/30

Week 7 (9/30) Rest week Planned Work out Intensity Zone Actual Work Out
Monday Rest & Fast
Tuesday Swim: 2KM 2,3 Swim 2KM
Wednesday Bike: 1 HR 3,4 Bike 30 mins
Thursday Tempo Run 25 mins @ 5.20 Pace 10min WU/CD 2,3  Off
Friday Swim: Steady swim 2KM 3,4  Off
Saturday Bike: 130KM 2,3  Bike: 75KM 5KM Run: INJURED
Sunday Run 15KM 2,3 REST

Despite my rest week I still felt tired in this week. I think, given the combination of starting an internet company Qraved and Ironman training I had neither time to rest my mind or my body. Although the week started well with a decent 2KM swim – a combination of waking up late and general tiredness again forced me to rest up. I promised that I would make it up with a long weekend.

We had a great turn out at our long brick weekend with buddies Adrian, Doli, Eka and Azlan all joining for the long ride. I’d planned a 120K + a 5 K run for the weekend and was feeling good. The first 45KM went down easily – clocking a easy 30KM/H and avg. HR of just 135. So decided to turn it up for the next 45KM. However as we hit 50 the first of our accidents began. Eka hit a spanner on the road and blew his tire. Next just as we were heading off Azlan broke his chain. 2 men down. We decided to head on with our training but decided to train in Icon – a residential area which was likely to be safer.

We decided to stay in here for 3o mins – it was great training head down and in TT picked up speed to avg. 33KM/H + however just as we hit the last lap and were going to head out disaster  struck. Tucked into aero position with my right hand fiddling with my goo gel – a car appeared in a T-Junction without stopping. Panicking I reached for my left break (my only available hand) and propelled myself over my bike head over heels.

It all happened in an instant but my immediate reaction was oh $hit i’ve done it again – a flashback to 2006 when I broke my wrist just 4 weeks before UK ironman. Fortunately I got back up did a quick check – it seemed to be just surface injuries with a banged up knee. Z3D didn’t fare so well the left part of my Aero base bar was ripped and my front wheel had a slight tear.

In the end I have to be thankful both that I have not seriously injured myself and also for the very generous help from Adrian and Doli who helped get the driver, and forego part of their training to get me back on my feet. I’m also very grateful for the kind biking community who helped with the betadine and all their kind words and attention.

It’s a funny way of looking at it but at the same time I am slightly relieved. I felt that I was somewhat due for an accident – I had been relatively accident free for quite a while and believing that good things will always follow bad luck I’m hopefully that this is just a bump along the road to my Ironman.

I’ll be off training for a few days but hopefully back in shape for the upcoming weekend where i’ll be attempting my first 130KM!

Road Rash Road Rash 2 Road Rash 3 Z3D with a broken arm


Training update 9/23

Week 6 (9/23) Planned Work out Intensity Zone Actual Work Out
Monday Rest & Fast
Tuesday Bike: 1:15Hr form ride 2,3  Bike 1 hr
Wednesday Swim: Swim Intervals 1.6KM 3,4  Swim 1.6KM
Thursday Tempo Run 25 mins @ 5.20 Pace 10min WU/CD 2,3  Off
Friday Swim: Steady swim 2KM 3,4  Off
Saturday Bike: 130KM 2,3  Bike: 100KM 5KM Run
Sunday Run 15KM 2,3  Run: 10KM

This week I had  planned as a rest week with a lower training volume. With the large amount of work coming in from both my business Qraved and also imaginato I hadn’t really been sleeping too well at night so I decided to reduce my volume. This was still noticable on Saturday when on my usual training ride I was barely able to keep up with my training partner Doli while cruising at around 30KM/H. Anyhow, with still 10 weeks to go I decided that this was fine to reduce my training volume.