A China Man's Ironman – Adrian Li's Journey to an Ironman An Ironman Training Diary for Ironman Western Australia

Training update for Ironman IMWA Busselton 6 Weeks to go

It was a tough week to squeeze in training with a trip to HK over the weekend for my son’s 100th day celebration and also my father’s Bauhina Star award. However after moving around some of the sessions I managed to stay on target.

One of the highlights was my first 4 hour training ride – on a turbo trainer! 2 movies and South Park at the end really helped get me through that. I’ve also become somewhat addicted to the Ironman Race videos – they are really inspiring – especially when you hear the stories of the people who have overcome enormous physical challenges – Cancer, amputees for example and are still attempting this race.

6 Weeks to go and next week is a recovery week before my final build cycle to the event.

7 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
21-Oct Mon
22-Oct Tue 75 30 Yes
23-Oct Wed 60 60 Yes
24-Oct Thu 240 4HR Turbo Ride Yes
25-Oct Fri Yes
26-Oct Sat 70 Tempo Run 12 KM Yes
27-Oct Sun 210 30KM Run Yes
Totals 60 315 370  12.42

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