A China Man's Ironman – Adrian Li's Journey to an Ironman An Ironman Training Diary for Ironman Western Australia

Training update Week 8 for Ironman Busselton IMWA

This was my first full week back into training after my injury and the first week of my adapted training sub 13 in 13 plan. In general i’m liking the style of the plan which is minimal and well suited for first time age groupers who are juggling family and work to complete their first Ironman.

The highlight of the week was my Saturday long training which I changed into a full brick. I was with my usual training buddies Doli and Adrian however I couldn’t quite keep up with them on the bike – could be the actual effect of riding a road bike vs. my tri bike as I seemed to be averaging about 15% lower speeds compared to riding Z3D.

However the 100/10/1 cycle/ run/ swim combo on the saturday was a great confidence booster so things are looking like they are on track!

8 Weeks Swim Bike Run Complete?  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
14-Oct Mon
15-Oct Tue 60 Yes
16-Oct Wed 75 Yes
17-Oct Thu 45 Yes
18-Oct Fri 60 No
19-Oct Sat 30 210 70 Yes
20-Oct Sun 150 Yes
Totals 150 285 265  11.67

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