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T-4 Weeks Ironman Busselton Training update

Unfortunately the first week of my last build cycle has not gone well. For a total of around 7 hours training this week due to catching a slight cold.

An Ironman Swim Start

After doing some extensive reading online I decided that it was best to lay off training for a few days to try and recuperate. That said I’ve tried to get back into the training earlier than what some sites have recommended (taking off as many days after symptoms have disappeared as you were ill). I also decided to go ahead with my 4 hour turbo – mainly because I see the key work outs in the upcoming weeks to be the long slow rides. I woke up at 3:30AM to have breakfast and then got on my turbo watching 2 movies back to back to complete the 4 hour ride. Didn’t feel great after that ride and so had a nap later.

I couldn’t resist taking my new giro helmet out for another spin the next day and did a short 45 min. ride on Surdirman cooling down with a 15 minute run. Battled with a headache all morning and now only just have got over it.

I’m hoping that i’m fully recovered by tomorrow (or that my usual Monday fast and cleansing will remove the last of this bug) and so that I can have a good 2 week stretch of training before the final taper to the Ironman.

5 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
4-Nov Mon Yes
5-Nov Tue 90 15 Yes
6-Nov Wed 60 No (Sick)
7-Nov Thu 30 30 No (Sick)
8-Nov Fri No (Sick)
9-Nov Sat 60  No Swim 240 Only Turbo Yes/
10-Nov Sun 135 Biked 45Mins/ Run 15mins Yes/

Swimmer’s Elbow?

Today I attempted to swim a short 1KM but seem to have developed something of a swimmer’s elbow! Every pull on my right stroke results in a pain on the inside of my right elbow. I researched a bit online and it seems like it could be something like Golfer’s Elbow or “medial epicondylitis”. From what I can remember I developed this after I have tried cultivating a deeper catch with my arm.

Potentially this is a technique issue and based on the research online I need to recruit more of my laterals and back muscles in order to propel myself versus using my arm and forearm muscles. Later today i’ll give it another go!

That said these last 3 days were spent with my brothers at his 30th birthday celebration in Phuket. Insanity every day, lots of eating and swimming in a gorgeous 25m pool at a villa we stayed at. Tomorrow I have my first skype session with a potential Triathlon coach. It seems that while 12 months is a long time away it will pass very quickly so I need to get my training in gear!

Out of Action!


After my weekend performance at the sprint tri I’m now regretting experimenting with the no socks on the run strategy. With the backs of my ankles still raw from the chaffing I’ve been unable to do any exercise for the past 4 days until they heal properly. Everytime I try stretch the cuts break open again! None the less I’m hoping to recover by the weekend when we have another OD training session lined up! So may as well take the opportunity to rest up and wear slippers into the office!