A China Man's Ironman – Adrian Li's Journey to an Ironman An Ironman Training Diary for Ironman Western Australia

2 Weeks to Busselton Ironman!!

Just two more – yes 2 more weeks!! and completed my last big build cycle before tapering down to the Busselton Ironman. The key sessions of the week were my 5 hour bike ride on Saturday and then the 3 hour run on Sunday. Unfortunately a 90 minute swim to complete the tri was missed. However a 75 minute swim earlier in the week in my wet suit served as a good confidence booster. That + the salt water buoyancy should give me a good boost on the day.

The 5 hour bike ride on Saturday was a new first – clocking 141KM and a faster 2nd split. They’ve put a lot of new speed bumps at BSD especially at Icon making the loops there totally unattractive. However a new extended outer loop makes almost at 30KM loop. Based on my bike i think I should still be able to make an avg. 30KM/H on the cycle leg putting me at an estimated 6Hr bike.

My 1KM post ride run on the day felt good and I felt strong on a 6:30-7 minute pace for the real deal.

Crazy IM swim start!

On Sunday I did a late morning 26KM run for 2 hours 57 minutes. A couple of loops of sudirman on CFD – this run was again a good confidence booster I also decided to run in my Mizunos and despite lower water drainage capacity i feel that they are the right shoes for the day.

Now for the remaining 2 weeks its time to taper and make sure i’m fully glycogened up and rested for the race – it’s now the final count down!!

Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
18-Nov Mon
19-Nov Tue 60 75 Mins Swim
20-Nov Wed 90
21-Nov Thu 30
22-Nov Fri 45
23-Nov Sat  90 No Swim 300
24-Nov Sun 180
Totals 90 390 225  11.75

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