A China Man's Ironman – Adrian Li's Journey to an Ironman An Ironman Training Diary for Ironman Western Australia

Training update 9/23

Week 6 (9/23) Planned Work out Intensity Zone Actual Work Out
Monday Rest & Fast
Tuesday Bike: 1:15Hr form ride 2,3  Bike 1 hr
Wednesday Swim: Swim Intervals 1.6KM 3,4  Swim 1.6KM
Thursday Tempo Run 25 mins @ 5.20 Pace 10min WU/CD 2,3  Off
Friday Swim: Steady swim 2KM 3,4  Off
Saturday Bike: 130KM 2,3  Bike: 100KM 5KM Run
Sunday Run 15KM 2,3  Run: 10KM

This week I had  planned as a rest week with a lower training volume. With the large amount of work coming in from both my business Qraved and also imaginato I hadn’t really been sleeping too well at night so I decided to reduce my volume. This was still noticable on Saturday when on my usual training ride I was barely able to keep up with my training partner Doli while cruising at around 30KM/H. Anyhow, with still 10 weeks to go I decided that this was fine to reduce my training volume.

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