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2 Weeks to Busselton Ironman!!

Just two more – yes 2 more weeks!! and completed my last big build cycle before tapering down to the Busselton Ironman. The key sessions of the week were my 5 hour bike ride on Saturday and then the 3 hour run on Sunday. Unfortunately a 90 minute swim to complete the tri was missed. However a 75 minute swim earlier in the week in my wet suit served as a good confidence booster. That + the salt water buoyancy should give me a good boost on the day.

The 5 hour bike ride on Saturday was a new first – clocking 141KM and a faster 2nd split. They’ve put a lot of new speed bumps at BSD especially at Icon making the loops there totally unattractive. However a new extended outer loop makes almost at 30KM loop. Based on my bike i think I should still be able to make an avg. 30KM/H on the cycle leg putting me at an estimated 6Hr bike.

My 1KM post ride run on the day felt good and I felt strong on a 6:30-7 minute pace for the real deal.

Crazy IM swim start!

On Sunday I did a late morning 26KM run for 2 hours 57 minutes. A couple of loops of sudirman on CFD – this run was again a good confidence booster I also decided to run in my Mizunos and despite lower water drainage capacity i feel that they are the right shoes for the day.

Now for the remaining 2 weeks its time to taper and make sure i’m fully glycogened up and rested for the race – it’s now the final count down!!

Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
18-Nov Mon
19-Nov Tue 60 75 Mins Swim
20-Nov Wed 90
21-Nov Thu 30
22-Nov Fri 45
23-Nov Sat  90 No Swim 300
24-Nov Sun 180
Totals 90 390 225  11.75

3 Weeks to Busselton Ironman

3 Weeks remaining till Busselton Ironman and the 2nd week of my last build cycle. This was a reasonable week and managed to recover from my cold the previous week by about Wednesday. With the increasing load and busy schedule at work it has been getting more difficult to squeeze all the work outs in. However I prioritized the long slow sessions and worked around the weather, traffic and did a 4.5 hour turbo session – thank goodness for Apple TV!


Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
11-Nov Mon
12-Nov Tue
13-Nov Wed 75 Did 60 Mins
14-Nov Thu 60 2KM swim/45 mins 30 Not Complete
15-Nov Fri
16-Nov Sat No Swim 270 Completed 4.5 Hr Bike
17-Nov Sun Did 45 min Bike 150
Totals 90 345 180  10.25

T-4 Weeks Ironman Busselton Training update

Unfortunately the first week of my last build cycle has not gone well. For a total of around 7 hours training this week due to catching a slight cold.

An Ironman Swim Start

After doing some extensive reading online I decided that it was best to lay off training for a few days to try and recuperate. That said I’ve tried to get back into the training earlier than what some sites have recommended (taking off as many days after symptoms have disappeared as you were ill). I also decided to go ahead with my 4 hour turbo – mainly because I see the key work outs in the upcoming weeks to be the long slow rides. I woke up at 3:30AM to have breakfast and then got on my turbo watching 2 movies back to back to complete the 4 hour ride. Didn’t feel great after that ride and so had a nap later.

I couldn’t resist taking my new giro helmet out for another spin the next day and did a short 45 min. ride on Surdirman cooling down with a 15 minute run. Battled with a headache all morning and now only just have got over it.

I’m hoping that i’m fully recovered by tomorrow (or that my usual Monday fast and cleansing will remove the last of this bug) and so that I can have a good 2 week stretch of training before the final taper to the Ironman.

5 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
4-Nov Mon Yes
5-Nov Tue 90 15 Yes
6-Nov Wed 60 No (Sick)
7-Nov Thu 30 30 No (Sick)
8-Nov Fri No (Sick)
9-Nov Sat 60  No Swim 240 Only Turbo Yes/
10-Nov Sun 135 Biked 45Mins/ Run 15mins Yes/

T-6W Training Update Ironman Busselton

With 6 Weeks to go this was a recovery week with a greatly reduced volume and a much needed chance let the muscles to rebuild. I also brought back my replacement aerobase bar which was broken from my crash 3 weeks prior. It was great to have Z3D back in action!

To celebrate a return to the roads and also because of being unable to source a Specialized Evade in time for training I picked up a Giro Air Attack Shield. A perfect blend between a normal road helmet and an aero helmet the Giro AA gains much of the aero advantage from the more traditional styled bullet helmets while maintaining a semblance of acceptability for the fashion conscious! That aside for most age groupers the effect of pure aero helmets is typically negated because of inability to stay in aero position for the entire race and also because the lower ventilation can cause over heating as age groupers spend more time on the bike. The giro AA was what Leanda Cave had worn to Ironman victory in 2012 so it has certainly proven its worth!


Anyway – next week’s training returns to double digits peaking at 13 hours in 3 weeks time. Then it’s a 2 week taper down to the race!

6 Weeks Swim Bike Run  Totals
Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
28-Oct Mon
29-Oct Tue
30-Oct Wed 60
31-Oct Thu 60
1-Nov Fri
2-Nov Sat 70 3KM – last 1K@20mins
3-Nov Sun 90 First ride with Giro AA (45K) 45 9KM (fast but easy run)
Totals 70 150 105  5.42