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7 Days to go! Ironman Busselton Training Plan

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Just 1 week to go before the Busselton Ironman and my taper week has gone well.

Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
25-Nov Mon
26-Nov Tue 90
27-Nov Wed 60
28-Nov Thu 60
29-Nov Fri
30-Nov Sat 10 80 10
1-Dec Sun 30 60
Totals 160 170 70  6.67

Z3D has gone to the shop and been completely cleaned up – i’ve practice the CO2 refilling and tire changes twice and so far things are going to plan. I’ve started reading blogs and other accounts of Busselton Ironman – the result has been to add to the nerves! However i’ve picked up a few tips which i’m incorporating into my last few days of preparation.

These few preparation tips include the following:

1) Sleep adaptation: the event starts at 5:45AM which is my 4:45AM in Jakarta. I’ll have to eat my breakfast about 3 hours prior which means waking up at my equivalent of 1:45AM – ergh! So this week i’ll start adapting my sleep (and eating cycle). Will target waking up at around 3-4AM each day It also means shifting my meals with breakfast at 3-4AM, lunch at around 10AM, dinner at around 4PM and then ready for bed by 8PM.

2) Breakfast: I am going to practice eating the same breakfast each morning and then proceed to a short visualisation of the race. I think doing this for 6 days prior to the race will help calm nerves with the familiarity.

3) Training: minimal training this week! All the hard work is done so no more than about 2 hours total this week – my training outline is below:

Date Day Time Notes Time Notes Time Notes
2-Dec Mon
3-Dec Tue 30
4-Dec Wed 45
5-Dec Thu 30
6-Dec Fri
7-Dec Sat 20 10
Totals 30 65 40

Finally another thank you to everyone who has donated. The support has been tremendous and will go a long way to helping migrant chinese students have a better future.

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