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Can amateurs benefit from a coach?

In one of the numerous books I read on training I often heard about the benefits of having a coach. My first reaction as is probably yours is why would an amateur need a coach? Are they not for professional athletes?

Having completed several marathons I generally consider myself as having a good understanding of endurance training but with triathlons i’ve found the complexity of the training increase a lot. By combining three disciplines and increasing total training days to 6 days a week (~10-15hours) a detailed yet flexible plan has been very beneficial.

So to get back into training i’ve now been working with James at http://www.triathloncoaching.uk.com/ for the past month. The approach is quite straight forward 12.50 GBP/ week for unlimited email support and a week by week review of my training and progress. James has been helpful with all my various questions from nutrition to morale support during my training.

With my sometimes unpredictable schedule with work it was important for me to have a flexible training program that adjusted based on my work out completion and also what disciplines I could do each week. The online system they use allows me to change each day based on what I am able to complete. For example if the original plan had a cycle mid week but i was travelling I can easily shift it to another day. The coaching benefit is that each week my following week program is revised based on my performance and progress thus far.

@12.50GBP a week it is quite an affordable program compared to most other services and so far a worthwhile investment in keeping me on training. It’s an efficient service that suits amateurs who are looking to complete their first long distance event.

Check out their services at http://www.triathloncoaching.uk.com/ if you are interested!


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