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How PR can help your training

To some – training is a very private affair. How often you train, what you are training for and your goals. However training for a long event can be a very lonely and long journey. So i’ve started to publicize what I do for training and my goals – telling my friends, colleagues, (the world as you can see on this blog) and i’ve found this to help me in a number of ways:

1) Reinforce and support my goal: once people know about my goal they often ask how things are going and about my training. This gives me support and frequent reminders to stay on course with training.

2) Inspiration: to many IM distance is something incredible (it still is to me). the mixture of both surprise and admiration in reactions inspires me and keeps me grounded on just how tough this event will be.

3) Understanding: when the majority of your free time goes into training people start to wonder where you’ve gone! Again by being public about my goal and the training that i’m putting in helps people understand that I haven’t suddenly become unsociable but rather 5AM starts for training simple don’t mix well with late dinners and bar hopping!

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Read about my Ironman journey this year: http://www.ironchinaman.com/

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