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Finally – a great interval/ lap training venue nearby!

Interval training at Senayan


After 3 weeks finally got back on my bike. This morning to celebrate a fellow biker’s birthday we woke up at 4:45AM for a 5:30AM start on circuits. The plan was to cycle around Senayan stadium – approximately 800M a loop – doing interval sets.

Without a structured plan this morning I did the following:

5 x speed set
1 x rest
3 x speed set
1 x rest
3 x speed set

During speed sets HR went above 180 averaging speed of around 33km/h. A loop took approximately 1 minute 33 seconds. However as yet i could not break 1 minute 30 seconds for a single loop.

Later we went outside the stadium area to do loops around the carpark. Despite the lack of planning and structure it was a great discovery to find somewhere in the heart of Jakarta for some good interval training. Come March this will be at least a regular weekly visit for interval sets!

Google sat. map of the stadium:

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2 Thoughts on “Finally – a great interval/ lap training venue nearby!

  1. Angela on March 25, 2013 at 10:33 am said:

    加油Adrian! 期待去看你的大铁!

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