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Swimmer’s Elbow?

Today I attempted to swim a short 1KM but seem to have developed something of a swimmer’s elbow! Every pull on my right stroke results in a pain on the inside of my right elbow. I researched a bit online and it seems like it could be something like Golfer’s Elbow or “medial epicondylitis”. From what I can remember I developed this after I have tried cultivating a deeper catch with my arm.

Potentially this is a technique issue and based on the research online I need to recruit more of my laterals and back muscles in order to propel myself versus using my arm and forearm muscles. Later today i’ll give it another go!

That said these last 3 days were spent with my brothers at his 30th birthday celebration in Phuket. Insanity every day, lots of eating and swimming in a gorgeous 25m pool at a villa we stayed at. Tomorrow I have my first skype session with a potential Triathlon coach. It seems that while 12 months is a long time away it will pass very quickly so I need to get my training in gear!

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