A China Man's Ironman – Adrian Li's Journey to an Ironman An Ironman Training Diary for Ironman Western Australia

Weekly Training Report: 9/9

Week 4 (9/9) Planned Work out Intensity Zone Actual Work Out
Monday Rest & Fast
Tuesday Run intervals 4:30 Pace x 5 0,1,2% incl.  2,3  Bike 10 mins warm up. 5 mins VO2Max x 5,
Wednesday Swim 2.0KM (400×2,80×10, 400×1 Skills) 3,4  Swim 2.8KM
Thursday Bike Tempo Ride 2,3  Tempo Run 20 mins @ 5.20 Pace 10 mins Warm up
Friday Swim 2.0KM (400×2,80×10, 400×1 Skills) 3,4  Swim 1.6KM – tempo pace 1.30/40M
Saturday Bike 120KM 2,3  Bike 123KM, 3hrs 58Mins, 1KM transition run
Sunday Run 18KM 2,3  Run ~15KM +urbanathlon

Overall this was a great training week which ended in a high with the 123KM bike which is the furthest I have ever ridden. I am now a complete convert to riding in BSD where the open flat roads make for safe and good training.

I also did my second session of wet suit swim training in the pool. This is something I should do on a weekly basis to adapt to wet suit swimming. while the overall feeling is of more buoyancy my legs tend to tire more easily with the wet suit on.

It is now officially 12 weeks till my Ironman and i’m feeling confident with my self coached training program at present. The with the unpredictability of running a start up Qraved – it is much easier to plan week by week and and the training each day than to strictly follow a complete 13 week plan.


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