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Cebu Goal Adjustment as a new father

The last few months have been quite a roller coaster. Our lovely baby Aaron Joseph Sai Yin Li was born on June 21st – just a week away from my own birthday and truly transformed our lives. After a long almost 12 hour labour my wife, Vanessa gave delivered our son in Jakarta at Medistra hospital.

Baby Aaron born June 21st, 2.9KG, 47CM

Baby Aaron born June 21st, 2.9KG, 47CM

While overjoyed with the happiness of the healthy birth of our first child it has certainly been a challenge to fit everything in and now with just 2 weeks till my Cebu Ironman and a heavily reduced training load in the past 1 month it looks like my original goal of a 5Hour 30 minute time are now greatly diminished. However, it will be an interesting test as to what my actual time will be given the reduced training. I am hoping that a sub 6Hr time is still achievable and if so that my full Ironman goal is still within reach as going forward Aaron has a more routine sleeping schedule and I can put in more  regular training.

My rough prediction for Cebu:

Swim: 1.9KM = 45 Minutes
Bike: 90KM 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Run: 21KM 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Total Transition Time: 5 minutes – not a lot of time for cushioning but here’s hoping to a strong result!


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