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Increase your speed with Interval run training

Interval Run for increasing speed

This week I had an interval run training on the plan as well as a threshold bike. I’ve swapped in some higher intensity work outs in the run up to the Bintan Olympic distance triathlon on May 18th. With a goal to do a sub-3 hour time on the course I’ll need to focus both on increasing my Bike and Run segments.

During the main set I averaged a low Zone three for the 4×4 mins and then a mid Zone 4 for the 4 x1 mins sets. It was a satisfying work out which I performed on a treadmill with a 1% incline.

In total I completed about 8.8KM in distance over the work out.

My friend also recommended “Macca sets” which I tried a while back but was not at a fitness level ready to complete. I’ll plan on doing the Macca Sets next week and report how it went.

Courtesy of: www.triathloncoaching.uk.com

Date: Wed, 24 Apr 13 Total duration: 1 hr
Your heart rate zone:     Zone 1: 112 – 131     Zone 2: 132 – 150  
      Zone 3: 151 – 168     Zone 4: 169 – 187
Stage One: Warm up
20 mins | zone1 & zone2


Gradually increase your heart rate through the first 10mins (zone 1)

5 x 20sec tempo bursts with 40sec recovery (zone 1-2)

5mins moderate pace (zone 2)



Stage Two: Drills
Stage Three: Main Set
24 mins| zone3

4 x 4mins with 2mins recovery

8 mins | zone4

4 x 1min 30sec with 30sec recovery



Stage Four: Cooldown
8 mins | zone1

Gradually reduce the intensity through the cool dow

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