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Threshold Run

Somehow treadmill training – even with an ipad in front seems interminably more difficult than running outside. So after some lackluster treadmill sessions in the past few weeks I decided to take the time in the morning to go to a nearby stadium to run.

So on the training plan today was doing a threshold run…. what is a threshold run?

A threshold run is quite simply running at the top of your aerobic zone. This is also known as your lactate threshold which is the pace at which lactate begins to build hence causing you to slow down. These runs typically last from 20-40 minutes can are performed typically up to 80% of Max HR. They are helpful for improving your aerobic capacity and speed.

I did my runs at GBK stadium which is a nice 1KM loop. My results were as follows:

1st 20 mins: AVG HR130 SPD: 8.6KM/H: Distance: 2.94
2nd Threshold 20 mins: AVG HR 158 SPD 10.6KM/H Distance: 3.54

Based on my age my Max HR is calculated as 186. This would mean that my threshold run was performed just over my target zone at 84% of Max HR. I’m still working on calculating my more accurate zone rates but based on PRE (Perceived Rate of Exertion) my estimate is the my aerobic threshold is at HR of 160.



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