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How to insanely kick start 2013 fitness!

Last year I tried out the Insanity training program. Developed by the fitness fanatics at Team Beachbody in conjunction with veteran fitness instructor Shawn T., the program has promises to “reinvent your body” in just 60 days. Last year I only managed to get through half of the program (before being overwhelmed with getting married, moving countries and starting a company) however even with only half of the program I already started to see some results.

The core of insanity training is pushing interval training to the maximum with a series of exercises with a short 30 second break in between. Insanity is perfect for busy people who want results in a short space of time because it is:

1) SUPER CONVENIENT: You can do it ANYWHERE: all you need is a 3mx2m space to move around it, no equipment, no special room required.
2) SUPER TIME EFFICIENT: Each session takes just 60 minutes maximum and you’re completely exhausted
3) SUPER EFFECTIVE: Every 2 weeks you’ll do a fit test where you’ll do 8 exercises and if you follow the plan you cannot fail to make significant improvements.

So where’s the catch? It’s tough. I would not recommend the program if you don’t have a base level of fitness. Also while it is convenient it requires a major commitment. Training happens every day except Sunday.

I’m using insanity to kick start my 2013 – the beginning of the year is the easiest time to go off course on your goals. Before any new habits a formed and you are getting out of holiday mode. So I’ve found the best way to get into the right mode is to make things as easy as possible to get back on track. Check out my insanity progress at the link below.

Insanity Training Sheet


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